Prof Mary Beard vs. a.a. gill

I'm a little late in commenting on this nonsense, but I have been to conferences with the brilliant Cambridge Professor Mary Beard, and even did a documentary with her. She's amazing, she looks fine as far as I'm concerned, and what she writes and says is even better.

David Starkey rightly dislikes girlie "historians" and I am confused why the highly superficial Adrian A.A. Gill wants to turn Beard into one.

I didn't wear make-up for my Elgin Marbles author photo, and was criticised as too glamorous. Incidentally, I'm also not wearing make-up in my Twitter photo, or the photo I used for my Blogger Profile picture or ... But for those who want to be titillated, here's a photo of me wearing make-up:

UPDATED - for those who asked for more photos of me without make-up, I've added this one:

Clare Algar, brilliant human rights lawyer who runs Reprieve, also doesn't wear make-up except when going out in the evening. She's contributed hugely to society. A.A. gill writes cryptic restaurant reviews.

Bettany Hughes wear make-up and a low cut top in her documentaries, and whilst people are free to watch them, I  only managed about 12 minutes of one. Her researchers might be brilliant, but I can't cope with her "discoveries" of things most people who, like her, have a BA in Classics should have known about for a long time.

Tony Robinson also appears not to wear make-up when he does documentaries, and I still watch them as I enjoy them very much.

I express my views on Twitter ...

Is this how A.A. Gill would like Prof Beard to look?


  1. Ha! You tell 'em. I'm a huge fan of Mary Beard and am shocked that anyone could be shallow enough to want to change her in any way. My first reaction: Who the hell is A.A. Gill? And then: Can we make him go away, please?


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